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I put the two up there that, I believe, we all agreed upon.  Perhaps if you can link the “bulwark” and the banner that would look better and save on vertical space.  I have always liked 3 column themes but that was before things got complicated. USE THAT BUTTON THAT SAYS “Comments” to add your thoughts/comments until Michele changes it to something more obvious.



4 thoughts on “Michele Logo/Header

  1. I like the Banner how it is now.

    I think the PHP “logo” would look good under the Capital and above the Search bar or the right column area.

  2. Mike,

    After listening to you please make suggestions here. I have a NEW suggestion…. The banner says “Your Gateway to all Congressional Research Documents” well that isn’t entirely true anymore is it? We are also the gateway to books written on every topic there is on the face of the planet, well save Amazon/CreateSpace.


  3. Michele, the search bar needs to be one with “Advanced Search” as an option. Also selective searching; i.e. CRS, Books, Both; date range from and to. And they need to be fast.


  4. I also need to be able to check certain subscribers who expect delivery on specific subjects. That is ONLY with CRS Reports. I can explain this further should this be confusing. It isn’t a low hanging fruit so don’t worry about that until we have the basics done.


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