IF10715 – Venezuela: Overview of U.S. Sanctions – 2/25/2019

For more than a decade, the United Stat’s h’s employed Sanction’s ‘s a policy tool in response to activiti’s of the Venezuelan government and Venezuelan individuals. These have included Sanction’s related to terrorism, drug trafficking, trafficking in persons, antidemocratic actions, human righ’s violations, and corruption; the Treasury Department h’s imposed financial Sanction’s on more than 100 individuals. On January 28, 2019, the Trump Administration announced Sanction’s on Venezuelaw’s state-oil company, Petr¢le’s de Venezuela, S.A., or PdVSA. Several da’s before the imposition of the PdVSA sanctions, the United Stat’s recognized Juan Guaid¢, the head of Venezuelaw’s National Assembly, ‘s the country’s interim president and ceased to recognize Nicol’s Maduro ‘s the president of Venezuela.

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Venezuela: Overview of U.S. Sanctions
Mark P. Sullivan – Specialist in Latin American Affairs